Here are some of the books, and art teachers that have helped me on my creative path, given me lessons to learn, techniques to try, guts to explore, and inspiration, and which I'd like to share with you.

(If you want to know: these are NOT affiliate links and I'm not in any way getting anything paid for it.)

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The Art Of Chasing A Dream - by Alisa Burke

Alisa Burke on chasing your art dream. This is really helpful if you're thinking about starting an art biz, but also if you just want to make lots of art just for fun.

Creativity Takes Courages - by Jeanne Oliver

Inspiring interviews with creative women that really touch your heart and soul and give you an inspiration boost. It's part of a free online creative network set up by Jeanne, so you might need to register first before you can see these interviews and other great free stuff (alongside art workshops and such for which you obviously do have to pay if you'd like to join them).
If the link is not working for you, then go to Jeanne's website and click on Online Creative Network.

Inspiration Wednesday - by Downa Downey

Donna's explorations in art journaling. This is the video series that got me into art journaling in the first place. Below is one video of the series.