Healing Garden

Hello sweet friends,

Sometimes you need to take time for healing. Sometimes you feel it coming, sometimes it's suddenly there. Or may be it was already there for a long time, but the signs were grossly ignored :)

I took up the paint brushes again. Painting to me is soothing. The mixing of colours, the layering, the way a painting evolves. Especially when I work with soothing colours, like these greens and blues I used for the painting above.

In the first layer I wrote down all the things of last year that I want to let go of. On top of that are many layers of paper collage, drawing, and paint. The blue flowers then contain things that I wish for in the coming year. Gentleness, stillness, peace, loving and caring, calm.

In the real world garden the weather has been cold.
One morning I woke up to see the garden covered in white.
Not snow, but beautiful frost.

A beautiful start of the new year.

And what will this year bring? I don't know yet. I will see where the flow brings me.

I do know though that I have to put the Simply Neutral parties on hold. They have been wonderful parties with beautiful entries by you. But for the moment I have to let go of them.

Sweet friends, I wish you a wonderful year, filled with love, gentleness and peace!

Big hugs,

xx Wen


  1. Ik wens jou ook het allerbeste. Mooie schildering!!

  2. Hello Wen. I was poking around working on my own blog when I saw this post pop up on my sidebar. I am so very happy to see you back. I have missed you and was hoping that you were OK. Welcome back. I love your painting. The chosen colors are beautiful, and the layering stunning. Hugs to you, Sue

  3. Do what makes you feel good! I love your painting! Best wishes!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Oh dear Wen, it's been a little while since I've left anything here sorry. I do hope you heal well and bounce right back better than ever before! Your painting is beautiful and I can see why those colours can be healing with all the those things let go of underneath(a bit like a burning bowl) and all the wonderful 'new' incorporated in the top layer!
    Sending much love and light your way. xx

  5. Such talent Wendy! The soft soothing colors and lovely girl really are wonderful! HOpe healing flows and you will be renewed! I love the leaf shots you got, so frosty!

  6. Wat een verschrikkelijk mooi schilderij.
    Je hebt talent hoor.
    Welkom terug en doe waar je je lekker bij voelt.

  7. Hoping you are feeling better each day and continue to heal. So happy you have chosen to painting to help, your picture is beautiful! Very soothing indeed.
    Sending hugs and well wishes,Jackie ")

  8. Sometimes we have to let things go in order to find ourselves, which is something I feel from your post today. Hopefully in the finding of yourself, you will notice something wonderful.

  9. Oh Wen, your lovely painting has all the things you are wishing for in the new year, and hope you get all that you are hoping for in the new year too! So enjoyed your lovely frost pictures too!

  10. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead Wen! Thinking of you and how relevant your post is to my life right now....sending healing thoughts your way! Take care, xo Linda

  11. Dear Wen,
    I have already thought that your silence has to do with health problems.
    You are good now, that is fine !
    Also thank´s for your information at e-mail.
    I wish you a good and healthy time.
    Best ♥ regards

  12. It's beautiful and I love that it contains all your thoughts and wishes ... Sending hugs and I hope this year will be healing for you...

  13. true spoken words, and very pretty picture, Hoping you are feeling better to


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